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Accounting for Actors and Models

accounting for actors

For successful actors and models, limiting tax obligations and managing wealth is essential. Turn to the professionals at Sawyer Sports & Entertainment Accountants for the reliable financial advice you need to limit taxes and protect your wealth.

We know that the entertainment industry is a tough business and you've worked hard to get where you are. So, when you become our client, we make it our business watch where your money is going and make sure you’re being properly compensated for your work. We'll track royalties, analyze licensing agreements, and compile regular cash flow reports so you always have a clear picture of your finances. To care for the daily financial needs of your household, we offer complete family office services including bill-paying, personal budgeting, and implementation of financial controls.

As your trusted advisor, we'll also help you look out for the future of your family with tax and estate planning. An estate plan plays an important role in preserving wealth for future generations and transferring that wealth with minimal tax consequences. Your plan will consider a variety options for minimizing estate taxes like deciding what assets to distribute and to whom, whether to liquidate assets, what kinds of investments to consider, and more.

Accounting for actors and models: