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Sawyer Sports & Entertainment Accountants specializes in entertainment accounting and tax services in the Los Angeles area. Our accounting firm provides accounting solutions and tax planning strategies designed to serve the complete financial needs of our clients. When you work with us, we'll become your trusted advisor, helping you protect your wealth, reduce tax obligations, and make the smart decisions that will contribute to your financial success.

As a Los Angeles accounting firm that has extensive experience working with entertainers, we deliver accounting services that are essential to your industry. When you partner with us, we'll track royalities, examine licensing agreements, and compile cost reporting and budgets so you always know where your money is going. We'll also help care for your finances on a personal level with bill-paying, bookkeeping, estate planning, and other family office services to manage your money so you're free for other pursuits.

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Sawyer Sports & Entertainment Accountants is a client-centered accounting firm in Los Angeles, CA that specializes in accounting for filmmakers, entertainers, media, and professional athletes.

We offer high-level accounting skills combined with industry knowledge to effectively manage finances and preserve wealth for the entertainment industry.

Raymond Sawyer is a contributing author of the #1 best selling book. "The Great Tax Escape", sold on Amazon.

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